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Hummingbird Pancakes Banana bread french Blueberries & Cream Fruit  & Yogurt Parfait Waffles With Strawberries& Blueberries Chocolate Waffles with Strawberries & Fudge Syrup

Bed & Breakfast...

We can't forget to talk about breakfast!

Breakfast at the Graham-Carroll House is an incredible experience. It's a big part of the reason why we have repeatedly been voted the "Best Bed & Breakfast in Muskogee". We typically serve breakfast in three courses, complete with linens, china, and stemware. One of our recent guests, a professional chef, loved his breakfast which included a Greek yogurt & fruit parfait, a cheddar souffle', and French toast with blueberry compote. Or maybe Donna will serve you fresh blueberry-banana bread, an amazing omelet and a German apple pancake. Perhaps you'll get something entirely different. Regardless of what you are served, it will taste amazing, you'll get a variety of flavors, the food will be nutritious, and your hunger will be completely satisfied.

How we do it...

Whether it is your first stay or you are a frequent guest, we will do our best to make it awesome each and every time! When making your reservation, you will be asked if you have any dietary needs or food allergies we need to consider. We will do our best to accommodate as requested.

Upon check-in, we will determine a mutually agreed time to serve your breakfast. That will ensure the freshest and highest quality dining experience. We normally start serving breakfast between 7 AM and 9 AM.

Our collection of delicious recipes gives us a wide selection from which to choose. Next, we take into consideration our guests expressed dietary needs or food allergies, as well as providing variety for guests who are staying for multiple days. We also welcome the opportunity to incorporate seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs into our menu. Taking into consideration all of these factors, we can then prepare the menu for a fabulous multi-course breakfast. Sometimes it is sweet. Sometimes it is savory.

Your breakfast may be served in the formal dining room, the conservatory, or outside on the terrace, if weather permits. Guests may dine at their own table or if desired with other guests. Tables will be set with linens, china, and stemware.

Another question we will ask is "do you drink coffee or hot tea in the morning?" Some guests need their beverage of choice when their feet hit the floor. Others are fine to wait until breakfast. Either way, it will be available prior to breakfast on the buffet in the dining room. You can come down and help yourself whenever you are ready. Some guests slip down in their pajamas and take it up to their room. Others want to enjoy the serene morning on the terrace with birds singing while they sip their coffee and read for a while before their breakfast.


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